Welcome! Here's a webinar on getting started with Formative: 

Step 1

Set up your classes

**Best for free, premium, and small teams of teachers who do NOT have LTI/LMS integration. If you are a partner school or district, please check with your Formative admin before setting up your classes**

If you use Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams Classroom, or Clever, importing your classes is easy! Here's how to import your Google Classroom classes, import your MS Teams classes, or import your Clever classes.

If you don't use these systems, you can set up your own classes, and either create student accounts for your students or have your students create accounts for themselves.

Step 2

Build a formative!

To build your first formative, click on the "Formatives" tab and then the "+ New Formative" button:

This will take you to the "Edit" screen of the formative. You can add a title at the top, then click on the blue "+" to start adding content (text, video, images, and more) and questions.

Don't forget that if you have worksheets or other resources, you can upload and transform them to save time! And you can use our Student Preview tool to check how your formative will appear to your students.

Step 3

Assign the formative

Once you've built a formative, you can assign it to your classes! Click on "Assign" at the top of the page, and you'll see a list of your classes that you can assign the formative to. Check out the optional settings, then click "Assign!"

If you imported your classes from Google Classroom, you'll see an option to "Assign & Post to Google." Choose this option to post the formative as an assignment to your Google Classroom stream.

Step 4

View student responses

As soon as your students start to respond to your formative, responses will appear on your View Responses screen:

You can grade responses from this screen (if you didn't set an answer key), as well as send feedback to your students.

Step 5

Keep learning!

Here are some resources to keep learning more about Formative:

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