Set your self up for success next school year! Follow these steps to go into Summer stress free:

  1. Collect exemplary work: Download audio files, export test results, print student responses, or take a screenshot of exemplary student work to show next year's students!

  2. Archive 2021-2022 Classes: Archiving your classes will remove them from your dashboard and tracker, and clean up the students' dashboards. Click the class bubble in the Classes tab, then select "Archive." Do not delete classes! Archived data can be retrieved but deleted data cannot.

  3. Organize your formatives into folders: Use folders to bundle units, chapters, or modules for easy access next year!

  4. Make a copy and rename folders/formatives for 2021-2022: Once your folders and formatives are organized, make a copy so returning students can retake assignments, and so you can make updates without affecting previous student work.

  5. Pre-Plan by using ready-to-go formatives from the Library: Our public library is full of lessons and assessments shared by teachers around the world, but Formative also has some great pre-made curricula that are ready to use!

  6. Planning to change schools? Take your formatives with you by following the steps in this article: How to change your email address in Formative

  7. Send this guide to your Administrator, and remind them to book a meeting with your Success Manager to make sure your school’s account is all set up for next school year!


Make sure that your staff and team are ready to use Formative from the moment they return from break:

  1. If any teachers are leaving, make sure they share copies of relevant formatives, or publish them to the team's private library. There is no need to delete the teachers from your team!

  2. Book a Fall Kick-Off call with your Success Manager to discuss any changes or updates to your account, rosters, systems, or professional development needs.

  3. Send this guide to your teachers so they can close out the year successfully!

Contact your Success Manager ASAP if...

  • You need to renew, change, or expand your subscription.

  • Your school or district is switching to a different SIS or LMS. We may have new or different integration abilities once you switch over.

  • You are planning on adopting any new curricula. We may have resources ready to go, or be able to offer advice on how to implement the lessons and assessments using Formative

  • You have specific needs, changes, or updates for Summer School, or Summer PD

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