Edit, Archive or Delete Classes

Learn how to edit class details, and how to clone, archive & restore or permanently delete classes.

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From your "Classes" tab, you can:

You can also view and edit student information.

Edit a class

There are three pathways to the class editing window

From the main Classes page:

Click the triple dot menu next within the class tile, and choose "Edit Class Details"

From the Student Management page

Click the "More Options" button and choose "Edit Class Details".


If your class is missing any information in it, and has a yellow warning banner, you can also click "Edit Class" from within that warning banner to reach the same class editing window!

Within the Class Details editing window you can edit:

  1. The class name

  2. The class abbreviation / icon

  3. The grade(s) associated with the class

  4. The subject(s) associated with the class

  5. The school / department (Org) associated with the class

  6. The class icon's background color

Click on "Update" to save your newly entered details:

Changes will take effect immediately for all students. For Partner users, co-teachers and admins will also see the changes right away. Changing the grade or Org will update how classes show on the tracker.

Archive / Restore a class

You can archive your classes to clean up your Classes page, Tracker, and your student's dashboards. The class will not be permanently deleted, so you can restore it later if you need it again.

In some cases, classes may be automatically archived after a certain period of time or when the school year changes. If your class has disappeared, it was probably archived! Keep reading below for how to restore it!

Archive a class

There are two pathways to archiving a class

From the main Classes page:

Click the 3 dots menu next to the class you'd like to archive, and choose "Archive Class", then proceed to confirm archiving

From the Student Management page:

Click the "More Options" button and choose "Archive Class", then proceed to confirm archiving

Students will no longer be able to see the class once it's archived. If you are at a Partner school, it will no longer show up for any co-teachers or admins.

Restore an archived class

If you archived a class accidentally, noticed it disappeared but you still need to review it on the tracker, or want your Partner school admins to see it again, you can restore it easily from the main Classes page:

  1. Toggle "Show Archived" to green

  2. Click the 3 dots menu next to the class you'd like to restore

  3. Click "Restore" and watch as the class disappears from the archived list!

  4. Toggle off the "Show Archived" button to go back to your active classes list where you will find the restored class. If the newly restored class is not there, you may need to refresh your window.

Permanently delete a class

We do not recommend permanently deleting a class unless it was never used, such as if it was created by mistake. Once deleted from the archive page, it cannot be restored.

Alternatives to permanently deleting a class are to edit the details (such as grade or subject) or to archive it (to remove it from everyone's dashboard and tracker but not lose any data).

To delete a class:

  1. Go to your Classes page.

  2. Select the 3 dots menu next to the class you want to delete.

  3. At the bottom, click "Archive class" and confirm.

  4. At the top of the page toggle "Show Archived" to green

  5. Select the 3 dots menu next to the class you want to delete and select "Delete"

  6. Confirm that you want to delete the class - this action cannot be undone.

**Note: This will remove all the students from your class and unlink their data from your Tracker. The students will still have Formative accounts and you or your colleagues can still have them join other classes you create!

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