While you can add math features to any question type or answer choice using the + icon within the question and answer choices, the Numeric question type allows your students to respond using the same equation editor.

To add a Numeric question:

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Numeric" from the Question types

  3. Type your question

  4. Set your answer key for auto-grading using the equation editor:

Tip: You can highlight text to make fractions, sub/superscripts and other formatting options. You can click the + sign next to your question to use our built-in equation editor within the question too.

There are many more functions you can create using the LaTeX math keyboard and calculator. Check out the list of supported functions here.

When an answer key is set, auto-grading will require the student's response to be exactly the same as the answer key.
To avoid points being subtracted if the spacing between characters in the student's answer does not match the spacing in your answer key, toggle on the "ignore extra spaces" button.

Forgot to toggle "ignore extra spaces" before assigning? Do not worry! You can go back and toggle it on at any time, even after students have submitted their work, and the auto-grading will change accordingly!

Note: your students' math keyboard will default to the same keyboard you used to create the question.

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