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Missing standard sets in Formative? Learn how to add them!

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Not seeing the standards you are looking for in Formative? You can add your own standards to Formative easily. We pull all standards from and this website allows you to add standards to it directly.

Schools/Districts with a Gold plan: If your school is subscribed to our Gold plan, we can also add standards for you! You would need your team lead to contact their success manager to request to have those added.

How to add your own standards:

1. Go to and click "Get Started", you will then need to login with one of the supported accounts.

2. Then click "Create Standards" on the bottom right hand side and go through the tutorial then click "Start".

3. Select the standards' state. If you are entering customer standards pick your organization, or school/district that you want to add standards to. You can also add your own organization or school/district if you scroll to the bottom and click "Add school/district" or "Add an organization".

4. Fill out the required information in the description carefully. Refer to the source document of the standards for the information needed to fill out the fields.

5. In the standards field, make sure to list your standards in Outline Format (Roman Numerals -> Numbers -> Letters). Make sure to indent the standards as well. You have to do this in order for your standards to be approved by Common Standards Project. Here's an example of what that should look like:

In many instances the source document will not come in outline format or with standard “tags” (called “abbreviations” in CSP). In this case, you will have to to come up with the outline as well as the tags.

6. List the abbreviation for your standards on the right hand side. These will be used in Formative to look up the standards in our system, and for adding the standards to questions. You should have an abbreviation for each standard.

7. Once you're done adding your standards hit the submit button at the top. Common standards won't let you submit if you haven't filled in the description, added at least 5 standards, indented 4 sub-standards, and abbreviated the standards. Make sure to do this before trying to hit the submit button.

8. Once they are submitted you will need to wait on Common Standards Project to approve these. We can't control how long this will take, though as soon as they are approved they will be added to our website that following Sunday.

If there are any issues with Common Standards Project, you can contact them and report these at

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