To start tracking student growth:

  1. Click on "My Account" on the left-side menu

  2. Select "Settings"

  3. On your Settings page, click the "+ Standards Set" button

  4. Type the state, organization, or standard you are looking for in the search bar (or you can scroll through the list)

  5. You can narrow down the search by Subject as well

  6. Click on the standard you desire, then "Confirm & Exit," and the standard will now be added to your account!

  7. Finish by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the screen

Then, when creating your formative, you can 'tag' your standards to your questions by typing the standard or a keyword from the standard such as the subject.

Missing standards? Click +Add New Standards Set to add another standards set to your settings.

*If you're a member of a Gold plan and would like to request another set of standards, or standards that are not present, please ask the Admin listed on your account to reach out to your Success Manager!

What's Next?

Learn how to tag a question to a standard!

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