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Best Practices for using Formative with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Best Practices for using Formative with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
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Formative provides all the data-collection tools you need for a results-oriented PLC. It facilitates easy collaboration and helps you become action-oriented with lesson delivery, assessment, and data analysis all in one place. Formative also offers evidence for effective practice and a space for PLCs to reflect on their effectiveness.

Below is an overview of how to use Formative's features to set PLCs up for success.

  1. Apply instant insights.

    1. Actively capture learner insights with real-time, unlimited student tracking.

    2. Make informed instructional decisions using real-time student, class, and district insights.

  2. Track progress toward shared goals.

    1. Use the Standards Progress Over Time (SPOT) report to analyze student progress when responding to different question types and tasks tagged to your standards.

    2. Tag and filter student responses to quickly identify gaps in standards mastery.

    3. View performance by buildings, teachers, and classes to see growth over time.

  3. Collaborate across your district.

    1. Give PLC leaders admin rights to share and analyze team data.

    2. Publish activities to an organization-wide private library for collaborators to use or copy and edit.

Following these best practices, you can effectively use Formative to support your PLC goals.

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