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Audio Response question (Silver/Gold Feature)
Audio Response question (Silver/Gold Feature)

Have your student record an audio response

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Audio Response questions prompt students to respond to your question by recording themselves. This is great for young learners and foreign language classes. There is a 10 minute limit to recordings, so students will have plenty of time to share their thoughts!

Add an audio response question

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Audio Response" from the Question types

  3. Prompt/ask students to provide a verbal response or explanation!

Add content items

Within questions you can add content such as images, video*, audio*. math features, emojis* and more by clicking on the + sign. NEW: You can now search for your image directly on Google!

Please note: features marked with an asterisk* are available with a Silver/Gold license. Want access to these Features? Find out more here.

Adjust question settings

Students will not be able to submit their work without providing an answer to this question

Add a whiteboard style box for your students to add their work to

Change grading method to a rubric

You can also add hints for your students and tag the question to standards

Listen to student responses

On the View Responses page, you select a student, play and pause the recording, see how long the recording is, adjust the volume, and even download the clip as a .wav file.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

🙋🏽 My students are having trouble recording and/or listening to responses, what can I do?

Your students may need to allow audio and microphone permissions within their browsers and on their devices. If the student devices are school managed this action may need to be taken by your school's IT department.

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