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Resequence question (Silver/Gold Feature)
Resequence question (Silver/Gold Feature)
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The Resequence question type is great if you want to assess students on their ability to place items in sequential order (ex: steps to a math problem, order of historical events).

Create a Resequence question: 

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Resequence" from the Question types

  3. List the items in sequential order. This will be the answer key for auto-grading.

*The item order will randomly scramble for each student.

** Your preview environment will scramble the item order only if the formative is assigned to Guest Students. Otherwise, the preview enviornment does not reflect the scrambling.

If you switch on Partial Credit, your students will get credit for answering part of the question correct.

NEW! Quick Math Button

Are you using the Math Keyboard to enter answer choices often? Formative now offers the option to add a Math Button to the answer choice fields within several question types, inlucing Resequence questions, for quicker access to the Math Keyboard.

This will eliminate the need to repeatedly click on the little plus button and choose the Math Keyboard from the dropdown menu.

To enable access to the quick math button:

  1. Click on "My Account" from the left side menu, and then "Settings"

  2. Locate the field "Show math keyboard in answer choices" and toggle it ON

Once this setting is toggled on, you will see a Math Button added next to the little plus button within your answer choice fields. Clicking this button will immediately bring up the Math Keyboard.

Adjust question settings

Students will not be able to submit their work without providing an answer

Add a whiteboard style box for your students to showcase their work

Switch scoring method for this question from auto-grading to a rubric based grading.

If you toggld on "Multi-select" you will also have the ability to allow **Partial Credit" to take auto-grading up a notch by allowing your students to get credit for answering part of the question correct.

You can also add hints for your students, and tag the question to standards.

Partial Credit

How we grade the "Allow Partial Credit" feature in Resequence questions

Note: the item must be in the exact same place as the answer key to be graded as correct.

Let's take a look at an example of how this works in practice. Here is a Resequence answer key:

Here are some examples of student responses to this Resequence question, along with their auto-graded scores.

Student A

Student B

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