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Student Profile Page - View and Manage
Student Profile Page - View and Manage

View and manage any individual student's profile page

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What is Student Profile Page

The Student Profile Page provides a detailed view into individual students status and progress within a given class. If the student attends multiple classes, the student profile page will only show the data relevant to the class you've used to navigate there.

Access Student Profile Page

  1. From your "Classes" tab, click on the title of the class the student is a member of

  2. Locate the student on the "Student Management" page, and click the carat to the far right of their name

  3. The Student Profile page will appear

Navigate the Student Profile Page

Student Info

The class name will be indicated at the top of the page for ease of reference.

Student Info will be presented right below, including:

  • Student profile image / avatar

  • Student name

  • Student email address (or username)

  • Accommodations status

  • "Last Seen" indicator

Student Overall Performance

This section provides an overview of student average performance over the last 90 days and a distribution of assigned formatives by:

  • Not Started

  • In Progress

  • Needs Grading

  • Late (submission)

  • On-Time (submission)

  • Completed

This section also includes a direct link to the Tracker where you can view student performance in depth.

Assigned Formatives List

When first navigating into this page, the default view will present a list of all the foramtives assigned to this student via this specific class. Each formative tile will include an indication of date assigned, as well as additional information on assign settings such as time limit, due date, open/close times, submission editable. To the far right, each formative tile will include indication if work is still in progress or if the formative has been submitted late. If a formative has already been submitted the student's grade will appear and there will also be indication if the formative has any blank questions or answers that were not graded yet and in need of review.

Click on the "Sorty By" button to switch from the default of descending order by "most recently assigned" to alphabetical sorting:

Enter keywords into the search bar to locate specific formatives quickly:

Student Activity Record

Click on "Activity' to access a record of your student's activity (within this specific class) over the last 90 days.

Information you can view:

  • Student started answering a formative

  • Student answered a question

  • Student submitted a formative

You can even tell when a student answered a question that was later deleted by the teacher. The alert will look like this:

Manage Student Account & Settings

The Student Profile page provides quick access to several actions that are normally performed on the main Student Managent page, to save time and prevent going back and forth between screens:

Adjust Student Global Accommodations (Gold plan feature)

Click on the blue-highlighted Accommodations status to add, edit or remove global accommodations of Text to Speech and Time Limit Extension.

Reset Student Password

Note: only Student accounts that have been set up with a unique username and password within Formative can go through a password reset. If the student is logging in using Google, Clever or Microsoft SSO they should use their corresponding crednetials to get into Formative.

  1. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen

  2. Choose "Reset student password"

  3. Enter the new password (note the password word indicator)

  4. When you're ready click to save the new password

  5. Provide your student with the new password

Add Student to Classes

  1. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen

  2. Choose "Add to classes"

  3. In the pop-up window check-mark the class(es) you wish to add the student to

  4. Click "Add"

Archive Student

Note: Archiving (removing) a student from your class will not delete the student's account. Archiving a student will just make it so they can no longer see or access your class' formatives. They still have a Formative account, and you can restore their enrollment in your class at any time.

  1. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen

  2. Choose "Archive student"

  3. Confirm by clicking on the red "Archive student" button again

Archived the student by mistake?

Click here to learn how to restore an archived student.

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