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The Home Page

Please note that if your school uses a system like Google Classroom, Blackbaud, etc you will most likely access your Formative assignments through those platforms instead of directly through Formative. Check with your teacher for guidance!

The home page is divided into two main sections: Classes and Formatives.

Classes Section

When logged into Formative, your home page will display the classes you are a member of. By default the classes displayed on your home page will be only classes that had activity (a formative assigned) in them in the last 3 months. If a class had no activity for the last 3 months it will be hidden from view, though if you need to view data from your inactive classes, you could click on the gear icon (settings) at the top right corner of the screen and then click "show inactive classes" to display a list of them on the home screen as well.

By default the home screen will show up to eight classes, if you are enrolled in additional active classes, click "show more" next to the Classes section and the rest will populate the screen.

Individual Class View

Clicking on any of the class tiles will take into the individual class view where, as long as your teacher assigned formatives to this class and has enabled your access to them, you will see your assignments and performance scores listed under two separate tabs: "To Do" and "Submitted".

All of your assignments are listed and the default sorting order is by most recently assigned at the top, but you can click the "Sort By" button to sort them by title A-Z or Z-A or by "Priority Formatives".

When you choose "Priority Formatives" the formatives on your list will appear in the following order (from top to bottom):

Late formatives will appear first on the list (soonest past due date formative will be first within the list)

Formatives with a "close date" assigned (where the formative automatically closes on the due date) will be next (soonest close date first within the list)

Formatives that have due date but not an automatic close date will follow (soonest due date first)

Most recently assigned formatives that are neither late nor have due dates will appear last (most recently assigned first)

On the individual class view, your teacher's name will be listed below the class' title. Hovering over the teacher's name will reveal additional information such as their full name, their avatar and their role. If there are several teachers teaching the class, only the lead teacher will be displayed by name on the main view, however an indication of the existence of additional teachers will be displayed next to it, and hovering over it will reveal a list of the co-teachers by name.

Formatives Section

On the main home page you will also see a section of Formatives divided into "To do" and "Submitted". On this page the list of formatives is comprehensive for all classes.

Note: All closed formatives will be listen under "submitted" regardless of actual submission. If you did not submit a formative your teacher has already closed you will need to reach out to your teacher and request it to be re-opened.

Navigating your lists of assignments (formatives)

Below the title of each assignment you can expect to find important information about it. For example, if answers are set to return instantly, if there's a time-limit set, or a pre-scheduled closing time for the assignment, if the formative has been paused by your teacher, if you will have the ability to edit your responses after you submit, etc.

Here, you will also find an indication if your teacher has sent you any feedback / message within the formative with the option to click directly into it.

On the list of "To Do" formatives - both on the comprehensive view and within the individual class view - to open an assignment, simply click on it. Any open assignment that you already opened before but did not yet submit will show the tag "In Progress" on the far right.

If your teacher defined a due date on the formative, a blue "Due Soon" pill will be dispalyed as a reminder the due date is coming up. If the due date has passed and you did not submit your formative yet, a red "Past Due" pill will be displayed instead:

On the list of "Submitted" formatives - both on the comprehensive view and within the individual class view - as long as your teacher has defined the settings to it, you may still be able to click on the assignment to access and view your submission. In some cases, teachers will allow students to edit their assignments after the submission as well. If this option is available to you on any of your assignments you will find the tag "Submitted (Editable)" among the settings tags on the left side of the tile.

Assignments labeled "Closed" are listed here regardless of submission status. If you have not submitted a formative your teacher has already closed you will need to reach out to your teacher with a request for it to be re-opened.

On the "Submitted" list you also have the option to view your scores (as long as your teacher has chosen to return them to you). By default, when opening this list, your scores will be hidden. This is by design to protect your privacy. To reveal your scores simply toggle on the button "Show Scores". To re-hide them, toggle the button to its' off position.

If you have any blank questions or ungraded answers on a formative, you will see an indication to it below the score.

Missing assignments?

If any of the assignments that were assigned to your current class are missing from your home page, please reach out to your teacher to inquire about them. It is likely that the teacher is the one preventing access to these assignments and they can also release them to be viewed again.

If you're missing past classes on your account, it is most likely due to the old class being archived by the teacher or the school.

Note: If assignments are posted through another system like Google Classroom, you will access them from there

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