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Formative Updates March 2023
Formative Updates March 2023
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Enhancement releases from March 2023

  • We have enabled an Early Access "Opt in to Beta" toggle switch on Account Settings page. Here, teachers can choose to have Early Access to upcoming features.

  • We have updated permissions for 'Assign Only' Collaborators so that they can not clone Common Assessments.

  • We have updated the Math input icon from a keyboard to a math symbol.

  • We have added a virus scanner for user uploads, anything uploaded that appears to have a virus will be deleted automatically.

  • We have enhanced the Google image search to be limited to Safe Search for images . User will see a message when search input activates Safe Search limits.

  • We continue to improve Show Your Work interactions:

    • Users will see a custom circle cursor to indicate the “eraser” and the region for tagging items to erase

    • Support 'Undo' keyboard shortcut

  • We have updated the dashboard hover titles of formatives with scheduled open/ close times, to include schedule information.

  • On the Teacher Results Summary Page, students who are present will appear at the top of the list as the default sorting

  • Due dates are live! Teachers can now set due dates for assignments and conveniently monitor late submissions. Students will be able to see the due dates once they are set. See article for details

  • We have widened the size of functionalized items so that more of the item can be seen before questions are added.

  • Math-Fill-In-the-Blank is here! Teachers can use the math input on FITB questions

  • We have adjusted exported reports to include students who have not answers questions. This is convenient for teachers as it allows them to transfer grades easier.

  • Students can now navigate through a closed formative even when there are required questions present.

  • Teachers can now pace students by Section in Teacher-Paced mode, this will allow students to work in the same section at once.

  • We will auto-update user profiles with any new Subjects and Grades that are entered when a new class is created. A banner will appear under the Class modal that notifies users that subjects and grades will be updated in their profile.

  • Users can now select and deselect "all" when uploading library items.

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