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Formative Updates February 2023
Formative Updates February 2023
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Enhancement releases from February 2023

  • We have made the text in Show Your Work easier to edit by allowing the text to remain selected and ready for moving or resizing without having to choose the selector first.

  • We have enabled the resequence question type to scramble when it is viewed in the preview bar!

  • We have enabled Admins to search for teachers in the Teachers Report. This allows Admin to find the info the need faster.

  • Teachers now have the option to Show Correct Answers in the sidebar of Teacher Paced mode.

  • Teachers can now send comments even if a student has not submitted their answer. This is great for teachers who want to encourage students to get started!

  • We have added the zoom button to images in sidebar and opened the image in a modal for view response sidebar.

  • We are making incremental improvements to the Show Your Work experience including:

    • fixing panning canvas

    • placing math items in user's clicked location

    • allow math edits to be undone

    • making math edits immediate

  • We have disabled the ability for Assign only users with Assign & Edit FOLDER rights to relocate folders.

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