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Test upcoming features before they are released!

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What are Early Access and Beta Features?

Formative is known for releasing new features and updates on a regular basis. As we work to improve the platform we welcome our users' feedback on the course we are taking with product development. We offer two types of opportunities for educators and students to experience either upcoming features or experimental features and provide us with feedback:

What is Early Access?

Early Access features are upcoming features and new product offerings that are not yet released to everyone. By opting-in and toggling on the "Early Access" to specific features within this category on your account, you will gain early access to these features.

What is Beta?

Beta Features are experimental and exploratory features that we are working to develop. By opting-in and toggling on the "Beta" to specific features within this cateogry on your account, you will be abale to impact the product development by testing these features and providing us with feedback.

What will happen if I opt in?

If you've opted in for Early Access or Beta, our product development team, designers and software engineers will be reaching out to you to conduct user interviews and/or fill out surveys about the features you are testing. Your input will be crucial in fine-tuning the features and making them as user-friendly and impactful as possible for all Formative teachers and students!

The list of features available for Early Access and Beta users is ever changing, and we will keep this article updated with the most recent features available for testing under each category. You can also hover over the "i" icon next to each toggle button to view the list of available features at any given moment.

Opt In to Early Access and/or Beta

  1. Click on "My account" on the left-side menu

  2. Proceed to choose "Settings" to navigate to your account settings page

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under "Early Access" and/or "Beta" - toggle on the button next to feature(s) you'd like to have access to

  4. Click "Save" to confirm

Early Access and Beta Features Available (last updated: January, 2024)

Click on the titles to learn more about each feature

  1. AI Content Creation (Questions, Text Passages, Hints, and Full Formatives)

  2. AI Student Writing Feedback (Feedback messages from teachers to students)

  3. Editor Navigation Side Bar - Presentation (Slides) View

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