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Video Response (Silver/Gold Feature)
Video Response (Silver/Gold Feature)
Have your students record or upload video in response to a question
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Students can respond to your question by recording or uploading video! This is great for learners of all ages, world language classes, performing arts and music, and more! There is a 10 minutes limit to recordings and uploads.

To add a video response question:

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Video Response" from the Question types

  3. Prompt/ask students to provide a visual response or explanation!

You can use a rubric for grading and/or add "show you work" to the assignment as well.

Student View

Students using using laptops or computers can use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to record directly in the browser. Students using iPads and iPhones can record using Safari.

When students are assigned a video question, they will see a record button below the question/prompt:

Note: If you or your students are having trouble recording and/or watching responses, you may need to allow camera, audio, and microphone permissions within your browser.

How can I view student responses?

On the View Responses page, you select a student, play and pause the video, see how long the recording is, adjust the volume, and view the video in a separate window.

How can my students post videos that are longer than 10 minutes?

Students can post videos that are longer than 10 minutes by uploading to YouTube or Vimeo, or Google Drive and posting in response to our Free Response question type.

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