Restore Deleted Formatives

If you deleted a formative, you can now restore it yourself from your Activity page!

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Restore a deleted formative

If you're looking for a formative that you can't find and you think you may have deleted it by mistake, head to your Activity page by clicking "My Account" then choosing "My Activity" and see if you can find a line item showing it was deleted.

From your Activity page, you can click on the name of the deleted formative, then click "Restore" at the bottom of the formative page. Your formative will be intact, along with any settings and responses that were attached to it prior to deleting.

Here's an animation walking you through those steps:

NOTE: The "My Activity" page will only show activity from the last 90 days.

If you can not find the deleted formative on this page it is most likely that you've deleted it at an earlier date. In this case, we may be able to assist in restoring it on the backend. Email us at with the exact title of the formative you believe to have been deleted, and we will do our best to locate it and restore it on your behalf.

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