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Keep track of what you've done, formatives you've assigned or deleted, and more!

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You can view your own activity on Formative within the last 90 days!

What is included on the Activity page?

  • Creation of formatives and folders

  • Assignment of formatives (+ indication of class assigned)

  • Deletion and Restoration of formatives and folders

  • Moving formatives and folders

  • Renaming formatives and folders

  • Removing Student responses from a formative

  • Answering questions on a formative (via teacher preview mode)

  • Submitting a teacher-preview of a formative

You can even tell if you were working on a question, formative or folder that was deleted as it will be indicated with an alert like this:

View Your Activity Page

  1. Click on "My Account"

  2. Choose "My Activity"

What's next?

Find out how to restore a deleted formative from your Activity page!

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