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Find out exactly when and how your students are working in Formative.

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You can view any activity by your students on Formative within the last 90 days!

Available Activity Information

  • Student started answering a formative

  • Student answered a question

  • Student submitted a formative

You can even tell when a student answered a question that was later deleted by the teacher. The alert will look like this:

Viewing Student Activity

There are two pathways to access the Student Activity log:

Option 1: Accessing the Activity log from the Student Profile

  1. From the Student Management page, click on the carat to the far right of the student record to access the Student Profile page

  2. Click on "Activity" to view the Activity log

Option 2: Accessing the Activity log directly from the Student Management page

  1. From the Student Management page, chek mark the box next to the student's name

  2. Choose "Activity" from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

  3. You will navigate directly to the Activity log

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