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Formative Apps for Clever

Formative has two applications in Clever to make Single Sign-On (SSO) and rostering quick and easy!

Automatic provisioning with Clever Secure Sync

For Gold schools and districts, Formative offers automatic provisioning of teacher, administrator, and student accounts, as well as class rosters, through our Clever Secure Sync application (Formative Rostering). This is in addition to many other options to provision accounts and rosters: through a OneRoster connection with your Student Information System; through PowerSchool uploads; through ClassLink; through Blackbaud; or through Wonde.

The Formative Rostering application is invitation-only. If you are an administrator at a Gold school or district, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Specialist to learn more!

If you are a school or district administrator and your school or district is not a Formative Gold plan subscriber, your teachers can sync their classes individually using the Formative SSO app in Clever (see above). You do not need to take any action to make this option available; the Formative SSO application is freely available in the Clever Library to all Clever users.

The below information is for individual teachers.

The Formative SSO app in Clever enables you to sync your classes with Clever. Once synced, your students can log in to Formative from the Clever teacher page.

Syncing classes with Clever

There are two ways that you can sync your classes with Clever! Please only use this option if your school is NOT auto-rostering and you do not plan to use another LMS (Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom).

Option 2: Use the Clever Library. To do this:

1. Log into Clever

2. Go to the Library tab, and search for Formative:

3. Choose "Install" and follow the instructions. Choose "Allow and continue" when the app asks whether you would like to create accounts for you and your students.

Once you've synced your class through the Library, your students can log into Formative through the app on your teacher page in Clever.

Things to know:

  • The Formative SSO app will not automatically refresh your class rosters when there are changes. You will need to re-sync your classes in Formative following the same steps as option 1 above (Clever roster sync).

  • If you use Google Classroom as well as Clever, you should use the Google Classroom sync option instead of syncing classes with Clever. This is because, in order to post formatives to Google Classroom, your classes must be synced with Google Classroom.

  • Student accounts created through the Formative SSO app in Clever do not have email addresses - only usernames.

  • Student names may be changed to First Name and Last Initial if students go through the SSO app.

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