Sync rosters using Wonde
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Sync rosters using Wonde

With Formative you can sync rosters with Wonde easily. Syncing with Wonde is one way to set up all teacher accounts and student accounts, and connect all students and teachers into their classes. We can also roster only teachers through Wonde, if you prefer to roster students and classes through Google Classroom or Clever.

To get started, please send the following information to your Success Manager so that we can make a connection request:

  • School or district name, postcode, URN, DfE or establishment number

  • Details for the preferred contact at the school / district, i.e. name, email address, and phone number.

Please also send the following information:

  • List of organizations to roster (if more than one, e.g. schools in a district)

  • NCES / government identifiers for each organization, if available (US schools only)

  • Email domains of the users to import (e.g.

  • When to start the import running (if not immediately).

Once our connect request is approved in Wonde, we can start running the roster sync very quickly!

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