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Sync rosters using ClassLink
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Sync rosters using ClassLink

With Formative you can sync rosters with ClassLink easily. Syncing with ClassLink is one way to set up all teacher accounts and student accounts, and connect all students and teachers into their classes. We can also roster only teachers through ClassLink, if you prefer to roster students and classes through Google Classroom or Clever.

To get started, simply go to your Roster Server dashboard in ClassLink, and add Formative as an application there. Ensure that we have access to roster data in the Permissions menu, then notify your Success Manager or implementation specialist that this has been done. You can also email to get in touch.

Please also send the following information:

  • List of organizations to roster (if more than one, e.g. campuses in a district)

  • When to start the import running (if not immediately).

Formative accesses Roster Server data through REST API. As long as you've enabled the correct permissions, we can start running the roster sync very quickly! You do not need to send us a consumer key and secret, or request SFTP details.

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