If you use Google Classroom, sync your classes and students so you don't need to manually create classes or student accounts on Formative! After you do so, your imported students will be able to use their Google Classroom login info to log in to Formative as well:

  1. From the "Classes" page, click on the "Google Classroom Sync" button

  2. Select your Google Classroom account on the window that appears

  3. Select which classes and students to import:

Your class(es) will appear including all the students currently enrolled in them. You can deselect any classes you don't want to import, as well as deselect any individual students. 

The students you import with this sync will have Formative accounts created automatically. To log in to Formative, all they need to do is choose "Sign in with Google" on the Login page.

*If you have a team/school/district Partner account, then any co-teachers in Google Classroom will appear on the import window as co-teachers of your Formative classes. You can deselect any co-teachers you don't want to import. Read more about co-teaching here.

If there are any changes to your class roster in Google Classroom (ex: a student joins the class), you can select the class then choose "Sync" to update the roster!

If you have already created classes and want to sync them with Google Classroom, you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Click the blue "Google Classroom Sync" button and sign into Google

  2. Select the class you want to sync and click "Link to existing class"

  3. Select the corresponding class in Formative and click "Link"

  4. Click "Import"

You should now see the Google "G" attached to the class bubble

FAQ and troubleshooting tips

Some of my students are not importing when I do Google Classroom sync.

Has the student accepted your invitation to join your Google Classroom class and logged in to Google Classroom at least once? If they haven't, Formative won't recognize them as a member of your class yet.

Another reason why your student might not appear is if they have a Teacher account in Formative (in which case, they will need to delete their account), or if they have a setting in Google Classroom which allows them to create classes - students with this setting are recognized as teachers by Formative, and teachers cannot join classes. You can check a student's Google Classroom settings by contacting your school's Gsuite administrator.

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