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Admin - How to Move Teachers to Other Teams

Need to move teachers from one team to another? Read on to learn how!

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Admin Capabilities

As a reminder Admins have the following capabilities:

  • Can view teacher activity data and student response data across the team

  • Can invite other Admins & Org Managers

  • Can add teachers to a team

  • Can move teachers to different teams

  • Access to all Silver/Gold features

Move a teacher from one team to another :

  1. Select the Admin tab on the left side menu and then the sub-tab "Team Management" from the top of the screen

  2. Click the team that the teacher is currently on

  3. Locate the teacher on the right-side panel

  4. Click the drop-down that says teacher, and scroll down to "Move to Team"

  5. A modal will pop up in which you can select team(s) to move the user to by check marking the corresponding box(es) (the teams should be the same teams in the team management tab)

  6. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the modal to conclude

The user will be moved and the modal will close. You may need to refresh your browser for the change to take effect on your screen.

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