Sometimes you may want to delete a student's responses in a formative to allow them to retake, instead of editing their responses. (If you'd rather allow them to edit and then resubmit, find out how to do that here!).

To remove a student's responses from a formative, make sure you are in "Totals" view in View Responses, and click on the student's name. This will bring up a side panel containing all of their responses to that formative. You can then click on the triple dots next to their score, and select the option to remove responses:

This will remove the student's responses from both View Responses and the Tracker (you may need to refresh the page). **Note: this cannot be undone!

As long as the formative is still open, the student can log back in and retake the formative from scratch. When they do this, their new responses will be recorded in View Responses and the Tracker.

Note: Removing the responses of Guest Students will cause the Guest Student to be removed from the assignment completely. We do not encourage the use of guest students on a regular basis for students. If students already have an account here in Formative, please have them sign in using their appropriate login credentials.

What's Next?

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Other ways to enable re-takes and re-dos

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