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NOTE: We do not encourage the use of guest students on a regular basis for students. If students already have an account here in Formative, please have them sign in using their appropriate log in credentials.

***Guest accounts are temporary, single-use accounts that students may use to take a formative. Students will not be able to log back into those accounts to see their scores, etc, as well as their scores will not appear on the Tracker (although they will in View Responses).

**Guest Students will appear in the "View Responses" section of your formative.

When should I use guest students?

**"Guest Students" are best used with students/teachers that DO NOT have a formative account.

Guest students are best used for but not limited to:

  • Placement testing/pre-grade testing (with students that do not have Formative accounts)

  • Admins giving teachers formatives

  • Teachers taking formatives as example students

  • Giving formatives for polls, for fun or games in which you need quick data/information, etc.

When should I NOT use guest students?

**If students/teachers already have an account in Formative, we advise them to log in or take their formatives using their account and NOT log in as a guest student.

  • If students/teachers already have a Formative account and they choose to login as guest student, they must make sure to completely log out of the guest student session immediately after taking the formative. This is to ensure that on their next login they enter using their account credentials and not as guest students again.

Why can't I assign to guest students?

Please note, that the option to assign to "Guest Students" won't be there if you're a collaborator on a formative. Only the original owner can assign to Guests.

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