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Using Formative as a Special Education Teacher or RtI/MTSS Interventionist
Using Formative as a Special Education Teacher or RtI/MTSS Interventionist
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Using Formative for SpED

One of the great things about Formative is that it can be used by all educators, no matter what discipline they teach, including special education. Both self-contained and inclusion SpEd teachers are able to fully use Formative to support their students.

Here are some great ways to use Formative as a SpEd teacher:

🌟 Accommodations

You can add in time extension and text to speech accommodations for your students. No more worrying about if you remembered to provide these accommodations! This is also very helpful for students who you support but spend the majority of their time in a general education setting. These accommodations can be set and then are applied to any assignment the student takes!

🌟 Adding in your own audio

Some students respond better to hearing questions read by someone they know. Formative provides the option for the teacher to add audio to any question and even some answer choices. This will allow students to hear the questions and answers read to them by a familiar person.

This allows students to showcase what they know in whatever way they are most comfortable with. Students can type their responses, upload a picture or document, record audio, or record video to show their understanding.

Being added as a co-teacher to classes allows you to truly support any students in their general education classroom. As a co-teacher, you can see all the assignments and data from your students. You can also assign Formatives to students. This allows you to see exactly where your students are and what they are struggling with; be it a certain question type or a certain standard/topic. Instead of needing to set up regular meetings to discuss student progress with gen ed teachers, you can see in real time where students are and provide the necessary accommodations and interventions right away.

🌟 Modifications

SpEd teachers, interventionists, and GenEd teachers can all work together to provide Formatives that are modified to fit the needs of students. By making a copy of a Formative assignment, students can take an assignment that meets their specific needs; less questions, fewer answer choices, different question types, etc.

IEP, 504, and RtI/MTSS plans are all highly dependent on data. Data is used to determine where a student is struggling and how much progress is being made on their goals. With our new SPOT (Standards Progress Over Time) reporting capabilities, teachers can now view that growth. This will help in guiding teachers on where they should focus interventions as well as in tracking student progress and if interventions are working.

To accommodate for differentiation, you can choose to release one or more of your students from the Teacher-Paced mode and allow them to work on their own pace (Student-Paced). This can be done both before and after you start presenting.

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