Formative Updates June - July 2022

We kept busy over the summer, updating and upgrading Formative to improve your experience, read on to find out what is new with Formative!

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Enhancements released during June and July 2022

  • An additional partial credit option has been released! Many teachers have a different way of grading student work than what we offered - giving credit for correct answers vs. subtracting for incorrect answers. We want to make sure our grading system is as seamless as possible so teachers don’t have to regrade. Teachers now have the choice to not subtract points of incorrect answers.

  • The Tracker Filter got more user-friendly. You will see a vertical filter side panel when the Filter button is clicked. This removes the filter from the header bar. We also added the option to "Clear All"- a filterer's dream come true!

  • Text-to-Speech accommodation is now available for partner schools and districts. this can be set up for students on the global level, with the option to remove the accommodation on specific formatives. Read all about it here!

  • Formative is going vertical! Our header menu / navigation bar has relocated to the left side of the screen and can expand and collapse! Teachers will have access to the new navigation menu while editing a formative through the 3-line menu button in the top left of the screen.

  • Students and Teachers can now see their achievement badges in the achievements page of their plan!

  • Subscribers can now view their Formative receipts for any payments that are made. Alongside the "Download Invoice" button in the Plan page, there is a "View Receipt" button if a receipt exists for a paid invoice.

  • NEW! A ruler and a protractor tools have been added to Show Your Work! In addition to rotating 360 degrees, the protractor can snap into 90, 180, and 270 clockwise positions. This allows teachers and students to maximize measuring maneuvers.

  • If a video has Closed-Caption options, teachers and students will be able to see that and will have the ability to adjust Closed-Captions and Closed-Captions supported language settings . This is an addition to our continuing efforts to add accommodations.

  • Teachers can now CLONE Formative FOLDERS complete with the items therein with a few simple clicks!

  • Once a teacher designates a question as "Required", subsequent questions will default to required as well.

  • To reduce the number of students who accidentally complete formatives as a guest, the join instructions have been swapped to show student codes at the top and guest codes at the bottom of the modal

  • An additional layer for the effort to reduce the number of students who accidentally complete formatives as a guest was added to the students' end as well. Students will now be prompted to choose if they are students in a class or guest students.

  • Rubrics will now include a 3-dot menu where teachers can choose to ADD ANY RUBRIC TO THEIR SET OF RUBRIC TEMPLATES!! This update comes as a solution for teachers who created New Rubrics and were met with frustration when they were unable to be kept as templates.

  • The old formative math keyboard is now fully replaced by the new Mathlive keyboard. Old formative items that used the former keyboard should not be affected.

  • Formatives can now be dragged and dropped into folders on the Formatives tab! Dragging and dropping will also work for folders to folders!

  • A new "Resources" tab has been added to the left navigation bar. It offers teachers to connect with Formative Resource Central - our resource hub for: Announcements, Onboarding, and Feature Requests!

  • The formative page header received a face-lift!

  • "View Responses" tab is renamed simply "Responses"

  • The "Assign" tab has been replaced by an "Assign" button, located at the top right corner of the formative page. Feat not! This is only a cosmetic change! All the great functions are still there!

  • And finally, we are adding guided tour and announcements for newly released features. Moving forward, be on the look out for them!

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