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Troubleshooting: "Assign and Post to Google" Won't Work
Troubleshooting: "Assign and Post to Google" Won't Work

Having trouble getting Formative to post to your Google Classroom? Here are some tips to make it work again.

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If you have synced your roster with Google Classroom, you can set Formative to automatically post to your Google Classroom Classwork page using the "Assign & Post to Google" button.

To make sure this runs smoothly, it helps to check that your class roster in Formative matches the one in the Google Classroom class.

✅ How to check if your Google Classroom roster matches your Formative roster

When you click on the "Google Classroom Sync" button to re-sync the class, do you see this message under any students' names?

This message is easy to miss, but it reads, "This student no longer exists in the Google course and will remain in the Formative section unless selected."

If you see this message, you will need to select the box next to their name(s) in order to remove them from the Formative class. This will bring your rosters in line and prevent issues with the "Assign & Post to Google" button.

✅ How to post to Google Classroom, even if your rosters don't match

If you don't want to remove those students from the Formative class, and you are a Silver or Gold plan member, a workaround would be to use the "Restrict to individual students" feature when you assign the formative. Here are the steps you should take to do that:

  1. From "Additional Settings," toggle on "Restrict to individual students" and select students in the class who are definitely in the Google Classroom class.

  2. Select the "Assign & Post to Google" button.

  3. Go back into the Assign modal again and continue to select all other students on the list, to include the entire class (do not toggle off "Restrict to individual students")

  4. Click "Update only" (instead of "Update & Assign to Google"). This will enable students who are not in your Google Classroom class to still access the assignment, by logging in to Formative directly.

Note: If any of the students you select under "Restrict to individual students" is not in your Google Classroom class, the "Assign & Post to Google" button will not work.

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