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Troubleshooting: "You need permission"
Troubleshooting: "You need permission"

Why you or your students are receiving a "You need permission" message and what to do about it!

Written by Lauren Sprowl
Updated over a week ago

One of the most common roadblocks students run into when trying to access a formative assigned by their teacher is this screen:

Most common reasons students will receive this message:

  • The student is not on the roster for the class to which the formative was assigned.

  • The student is logged in using an incorrect email address.

  • The student is logged into their internet browser with the wrong email address. This is most common when students are working on a shared device or at home.

  • The teacher mistakenly left one or more characters off of the end of the link when copying and pasting for students to access.

  • The teacher mistakenly posted the "Send a Copy" link instead of the assignment link.

Most common reason teachers will receive this message:

  • Another teacher sent a link to a formative that you don't have access to as a collaborator, co-teacher, or admin.

What to do if your students are receiving this message:

  • Double check that you shared the full and correct link URL with students.

  • Make sure that the students' class has been assigned the correct formative.

  • Remind students that they must be logged in with the correct email address.

  • Students who select "Sign in with Google" MUST make sure that they are choosing the correct email address that is associated with their Google Classroom account.

  • Instruct students to click the blue "Switch Accounts" button to choose a different account or enter the correct username/email address.

🌟 It also never hurts to try to following:

  • Make sure the student is using Google Chrome or Firefox as their browser.

  • Have the student ensure that the browser is updated to the latest version.

  • Have the student refresh and restart their internet browser.

  • Ask the student to clear their browser cache: Here's how they can do that for Chrome and Firefox.

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