We’re excited for your student to be using Formative this year! Whether your student is learning from a school building or from home, Formative allows your student's teachers to give assignments online, assess progress, and more effectively support your child’s learning!

Formative will benefit your student by:

  • Allowing the teacher to see your student's responses to assignments in real-time so they can provide feedback and support immediately!

  • Tracking their growth by both assignments and standards so they, along with their teacher, can understand their progress towards mastery.

  • Permitting the teacher and your child to exchange feedback messages about their work securely online.

Additionally, Formative is safe and private. Students cannot access other students’ work, or send messages to other students. Only your child and their teachers can see their information.

To help your student to log in to Formative at home:

  • Go to app.formative.com and click “Login” at the top right

  • Select “Sign in with Google / Clever / Microsoft” or enter a username/email and password. Check with your student's teacher or school to find out which option is best.

  • When the site loads, your child can see a dashboard showing which formatives they have submitted, and which are still open, by looking at the labels on the right. They can also filter their dashboard according to the formative status.

  • They can also toggle to the “Standards” tab to check their progress towards standards mastery.

Student home page of open and submitted assignments:

Student progress on Standards:

Helpful resources

Visit https://help.formative.com/en/ for useful articles and FAQ!

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