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Formative Editor Options - Math Block Button
Formative Editor Options - Math Block Button

Enable the quick math block button on your answer choices!

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What is the Math Block Button?

If you're using the Math Keyboard to enter answer choices often, Formative Editor Options will allow you to adjust the way you interact with the rich-text menu of answer choices and enable a quick-access Math Block button that will immeidately open the Math Keyboard. This will eliminate the need to repeatedly click on the little plus button and choose the Math Keyboard from the dropdown menu.

This new functionality is enabled for answer choices of a select number of question types:

  • Multiple Selection

  • Multiple Choice

  • Matching

  • Inline Choice

  • Resequence

  • Drag & Drop (for text-type answers)

Enable the Math Block Button

  1. Click on "My Account" from the left side menu, and then "Settings"

  2. Locate the field "Show math keyboard in answer choices" and toggle it ON

Once this setting is toggled on, you will see a Math Button added next to the little plus button within your answer choice fields. Clicking this button will immediately bring up the Math Keyboard.

See video below for a full walkthrough:

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