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To your eyes only notes and instructions on formatives!

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What is this?

Sometimes teachers need a place to add notes to their eyes only. Notes that will not be visible to students. These can include lesson plans, presentation instructions or any other item that the teacher would like to remember. Formative now offers a way for teachers to add Teacher Notes to every formative

Note: Collaborators with Edit permissions can modify teacher notes.

Add Teacher Instructions / Notes

  1. Click on the Instructions icon within the formative's header

  2. Select "Teacher Notes"

  3. Enter your text

  4. Use the text editor to style the content, add hyperlinks etc.

  5. Click on the little plus icon to add content items such as emoji's, files, images, video/audio recordings, etc.

  6. Click anywhere outside of the modal to exit

  7. Need to modify or delete previously entered notes? Click on the Notes icon again and edit the rich text field as desired!

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