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How to Submit a Formative Feature Request
How to Submit a Formative Feature Request

Have an idea for a feature or capability you'd like to have in Formative? Here is how you can make a feature request for our site!

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Submit a Feature Request

To submit a feature request or suggestion to Formative, first log in to your Formative account.

  1. Click the " i " icon (Resources) at the bottom left corner of your screen

  2. Select "Feature Requests - Submit a Suggestion"

  3. In the next window, fill out the empty fields. If you have multiple requests, please fill out a separate form for each one of them:

    What is your problem or request?
    Please try to be as specific as possible. It is important that our team is able to fully understand what you are asking for! You eve have an option to attach an image, a GIF or a short video for visual reference which will be super helpful!
    What are you trying to achieve?

    Describing the desired result of the feature or the solution you are requesting helps our team better understand the impact that this requested feature or solution will have on your work. Think - why is this request important? How will it improve they way that you work with Formative or how will it improve your instruction?
    What is your current work around (optional)?
    If you are currently using a work around to achieve the desired result, please share it with us! It will help the team think of other ways to solve the issue

  4. After clicking to submit your request please wait until you see the confirmation message "Request Submitted"

  5. Here, if you have another request you can click on "Add Another Request" to open a new form

  6. While on the request form window, as well as on the confirmation window, you have the option to click on "Open in Portal" to access Formative's Request Portal, where you can vote for existing suggestions, create a new suggestion, and see which requests have been released by Formative most recently!

Formative's Requests Portal

The Dashboard

Inside the Requests Portal, click the "Dashboard" icon on the top left corner

On your dashboard you will see three sections:

  1. Submit a Request for Formative: Click "Make a Suggestion" to submit a request. You will be asked to fill out the same form as described above

  2. My Priorities: Once you've submitted an idea, or voted for other ideas, they'll appear here and you'll be able to tell us what you want the most

  3. Suggested by Others: Here you will see requests other people have submitted and will have the option to vote on them


Click the "Releases" icon to reveal a list of requests that were recently picked up for development and released. These are all requests that were submitted by teachers just like yourself!

We can't promise to implement all of our teachers' requests, but we can promise to consider them, so please keep the suggestions coming as we love to hear what would make Formative better for you and other educators!


🙋🏽 The "Resources" tab is non-responsive, what should I do?

The primary cause of this issue is when Cookies have been disabled for Formative's website. To resolve, click into your browser's settings and accept all Cookies for Formative.

If you've already accepted all Cookies for Formative and the issue persists, please check your browser's extensions for interference. You may need to disable them one at a time to narrow down the list and locate the culprit extension.

If both steps above have been taken and the issue persists, please reach out to our support team at

🙋🏿‍♂️ The "Resources" tab is not showing me the "Feature Requests" option, what should I do?

The primary cause of this issue is that there is no org (school or district) associatd with the account. Please head over to your Account Info page and add your org. See instructions here.

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