Formative Referral Program

Refer friends and colleagues to Formative and get access to our extended features set free of charge!

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What is Referral Porgram?

Formative users can generate a unique link to refer friends and colleagues to Formative. You can keep track of how many people used your unique link to sign-up for a new account, as well as how many of them have been fully onboarded by completing all the tasks on the "Getting Started Checklist".

If you are on our Free plan, you will receive 30 days of temporary access to our extended feature set for each new user who signed up with your unique referral link and has been fully onboarded. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can make!

Finding the Referral Link

To find your unique referral link click "My Account" and choose "Referrals". You will then be taken to the Referrals page of your account.

The referral link can be shared directly to Facebook or Twitter, or you can copy it to your clipboard and paste into an email, text message, or any other platform of your choice.

For a referral to count toward your account as "Signed Up", you must ensure that the people you refer will click your unique referral link to sign-up. When someone clicks your unique referral link, they will be taken to the Formative sign-up page, where they can create their Free account. At the bottom of the page they will see an indication that they are signing up with a referral link from you.

Tracking Your Referrals

You will be able to track of your referrals in your account's "Referrals" tab. To get to this tab click on "My Account" and choose "Referrals":

In the "Referral" tab you'll be able to see who signed up using your referral link and when:

Once signed-up, your referrals also need to go through the onboarding process by completing the "Getting Started Checklist" tasks at the top of their new account. When a task is completed, it is check-marked automatically.

Upon completion of all 5 tasks the new user will receive their onboarding badge (can be found under the "Achievements" tab of the Account info, as well as 14 days of access to extended features!

At that point, the referral's status on your "Referrals" tab will change to "Onboarded" and they will count toward your account's reward:


As mentioned above, for each referred new user who completes the onboarding you will receive 30 days of free access to Formative's extended features set. You will be notified when additional time is credited to your account, as well as the current date for your access to the extended feature to be expired.

What's Next?

Take a look at the Formative Quick Start Guide to learn more about the "Getting Started" tasks!

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