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We've moved to!
We've moved to!

We have officially switched domains from to

Written by Lauren Sprowl
Updated over a week ago

We're excited to announce that we have officially moved our website address and our team's email addresses from "" to "" as of August 25th, 2021.

We hope that this change will help educators and students discover Formative more easily, so we can all share the Formative love and learn more effectively.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What do Formative teachers need to know?

  • will be our new website address.

  • All links, integrations, shortcuts, and embeds will continue to work, including assignments, sharing links, and Library posts.

  • Any emails you receive from Formative team members will now come from, but if you need to reach us, our "" email addresses will still work.

What do Formative teachers need to do?

Nothing! Everything, including your account, will keep working the same way it always has.

All links at will always work but over time we will begin to redirect users to the same link without the "go". If your school has any issues, please let us know.

What do school leads and Admins need to do?

If your school or wireless network has an aggressive firewall, you may want to let your tech team know to add to your "allow" list. You can cover all wildcards by allowing [*.]

If you can not allow a domain wildcard, then we recommend that you allow, and

Will my school's LTI and SSO integrations still work?

Yes! You will not need to adjust the launch URL, or any other connections. All should continue to function as usual.

My students have already bookmarked "" -- will their bookmarks still work?

Not a problem! All old links will continue to work, including assignments, sharing links, and Library posts.

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