When school administrators are running reports across multiple schools/departments, they need to know which classes belong to which school/department, so the classes can be grouped by school/department.

Because a teacher can sometimes be in multiple schools/departments, and a class can have multiple teachers, it is not enough to see who is a teacher for the class to determine which schools/departments the student outcomes should be associated with.

For this reason it is recommended that classes be associated with the appropriate school/department.

How can I tell what school or department classes are associated with?

When a teacher that is part of a school or district on a Gold plan (or pilot thereof) views their classes page they will be shown a warning on classes which don't have a school associated. They can also see under each class name which school/department that class is associated with.

How does one change the school/department a class is associated with?

To change the school/department association for a class, click the 3 dots next to the class to open the dropdown menu and click "Edit class details" to open the class editing window.

If your class is missing any information in it, and has a yellow warning banner, you can also click "Edit Class" from within that warning banner to reach the same class editing window!

In the class editing window that will open up, look for a filed titled "Org" (this is a term we use to refer to schools, departments, and districts generically) and locate the correct org from the dropdown list.

What if we don't set the "Org" on a class to a school/department and leave it blank?

When a class is not associated with a school/department its results will show up in reports for any school/department that its main teacher is associated with.

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