This article is intended for users who are still on the Individual Premium subscription plan and have not moved to a Partner plan. To upgrade from a free trial to a partner plan, please check out this article. If you are a current Partner plan holder, please reach out to your success manager directly for more information on plan changes.

How to Cancel your Formative Premium Subscription:

Once you cancel a Premium Subscription you will continue to enjoy access to extended features until the end of the period you've already paid for, at which time your account will revert a Free account. Your information and formatives will all be stored on our system for you, but you will be unable to use any of the extended features exclusively granted to paid-plan subscribers. To upgrade from a free plan to a partner plan, please check out this article.

  1. Access your "Plan" page by clicking on your profile icon.

  2. Click on "Cancel"

Note: If you have a moment, please provide some feedback as to what we could have done differently to support you. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and ensures that we develop our product around the needs of educators.

If you are moving to a partner plan, don't worry about manually canceling! Your premium plan will automatically be canceled when your school or districts upgrades and you won't miss a beat!

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