Print Formatives (Silver/Gold Feature)
Educators on the Silver/Gold plans can print blank formatives or formatives with student responses (with scores and/or feedback!)
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Silver/Gold plan users have the option to print blank formatives or formatives with student responses. You can also use the print feature to save as a PDF and upload to a shared drive!

  1. Click on the ":" icon at the top right of the page, then select "Print"

  2. Select which option you want to print: "Blank Formative" or "With Student Responses"
    If printing blank, toggle "Print With Hints" on or off depending on your preference, and then click "Preview"

  3. If printing with student responses, select which class and which student responses you want to print.
    You can toggle on the buttons at the top to print scores and/or feedback along with responses.
    Once ready, click "Print"

Blank Formatives will open in a new tab. When you print multiple students' responses, they will open in separate tabs. Please make sure that you have pop-ups enabled for either type of printing!

Another method of printing student responses:

  1. Click "Totals" in View Responses

  2. Click on student name

  3. In the right sidebar, click on the vertical triple dot menu and select "Print Responses"

Tip: Choose your printer's PDF option to save the formative as a PDF. You can then upload it to a shared drive or email it!

Printing is a Silver/Gold plan Feature. Learn more about Gold plan.

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