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Ready To Use Formative Activities for Science Explainers and Primary Sources by Newsela
Ready To Use Formative Activities for Science Explainers and Primary Sources by Newsela

New to Formative’s Library and Newsela Search: 300+ Ready-to-Use Activities for Science Explainers and Primary Sources

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What are the ready-to-use Formatives by Newslea?

With a goal of providing teachers with high-quality, standards-aligned activities that enhance their instructional practice, we are excited to announce that we are publishing a comprehensive collection of Newsela activities in the Formative Library. This includes activities for all 100 of Newsela’s Science Explainers and 200 Primary Sources. Teachers can also now easily access these activities via the Instructional Features filter in Newsela’s search.

By integrating a wide range of ready-to-use activities for Science Explainers and Primary Sources, we aim to offer a more engaging and comprehensive range of activity types, as well as a diverse and interactive content, reflective of current assessment demands.

Accessing the ready-to-use Formatives by Newsela

Teachers will be able to find these activities directly through the Instructional Features filter on the search page. This seamless integration means teachers can quickly access and implement these activities in their classrooms, enhancing their lesson plans with minimal effort.

  1. Login to your Newsela account

  2. Select "Search" from the top bar menu

  3. Click on "Instructional Features" and proceed to checkmark "Formatives by Newsela", then click "Apply" to confirm your search criteria

  4. Existence of ready-to-use Formatives by Newsela for a specific article will be marked on the article tile with the Formative icon

  5. Click into the article, and you will find a direct link to the ready-to-use Formative by Newsela on the right side panel

  6. Click on the Formative direct link to be re-directed to your Formative account

  7. When prompted, click on "Copy" to save a copy of the ready-to-use formative to your account.

  8. Once a copy has been saved to your account, if there are standards tagged to the formative that you have not yet added to your account you will be prompted to either add them or dismiss them. At this point you may also edit or add content and activities to the formative at your preference

  9. When ready, proceed to assign the formative to your class(es)

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