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Calculator Integration in Formative (Silver/Gold Feature)
Calculator Integration in Formative (Silver/Gold Feature)

Learn how to enable an integrated calculator experience for your students to use within Formative!

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What is this?

Formative has partnered up with ClassCalc to integrate the online calculator into the Formative experience of teachers and students subscribed to the Silver and Gold plans!

Enable Calculator

As a first step to enabling the calculator for your students please make sure your Formative account is set to the new "Assign Settings Redesign" mode (see here for more details). This is a prerequisite to adding the calculator.

Enabling the calculator on a specific formative will take place on the formative's assign settings modal:

  1. Click "Assign", select the class(es) and proceed to adjust assign settings.

  2. Toggle on "Learning Tools" under "Content Display"

  3. Select the calculator type you want to allow your students access to from the dropdown menu. The available calculator types are:

    • Basic

    • Scientific

    • Graphing

  4. Adjust any other assign settings to your preference and proceed to confirm the assignment

The Student Experience

When students open a formative that had the calculator enabled on it, they will see the calculator icon on the Learning Tools menu on the right side of their screen

Clicking on the icon will open the calculator. To close the calculator click on the icon again:

Tutorials & Support

Click the links below for video walkthroughs:

Need assistance with the calculator? Please review ClassCalc's Help Desk or contact the ClassCalc team using this form.

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