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AI Generated Hints (Beta Feature)
AI Generated Hints (Beta Feature)

Use our ChatGPT integraton to generate hints!

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If you've opted in to testing our Beta features, you will have access to our AI Hint Generation feature. This is a great way to save time when creating questions and hints for your students.

Adding a hint to a question using AI:

  1. Locate the "Add a hint" field below the question and click on it

  2. Click on the "Generate with ChatGPT" button for our system to display an optionfor a hint you can use

  3. If the hint provided does not work for your needs, please click "Regenerate" for the system to generate a new one

  4. Once you are satisfied with the hint provided, click "Confirm" to populate in the Hint field

  5. After the hint has been populated you can edit it if needed

  6. You can use the + button to the far right of the text field to add a hint in the form of an image, a video, an audio recording, an emoji, and more; or to enhance your already written hint with them.

  7. To remove a hint simply click on the trash icon next to it

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