If you are a ClassLink Administrator at a Gold plan school or district, you can install Formative as an LTI application. This will create a single sign-on (SSO) tile for Formative on your ClassLink launchpad.

To get started, navigate to your ClassLink Management Console, then your Applications menu and click on Add & Assign Apps. Click "Add."

On the application form, you will need to toggle "Single Sign-On App" to "Yes," and under "Type," select "LTI v1.0."

The following Add New LTI SSO modal will appear:

Use these settings to fill out the form:

  • "Launch URL:" https://app.formative.com/lti/launch

  • The oAuth consumer key and secret can be obtained from the Admin LTI Setup page; please ask your Success Manager for the link to this page

  • "Resource link ID:" sso

  • "User ID:" select "Email"

  • Toggle "Lis person contact email primary" to "ON"

  • Toggle "Allow all users" to "ON."

Click "Save." You can now assign and test the app!

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