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If you are at a Gold plan school that uses Blackbaud as an LMS, your Blackbaud administrator will be able to add Formative as an external app to Blackbaud through LTI. Once installed, you will be able to create Blackbaud assignments that include formatives, and students will be able to log in to Blackbaud to take formatives. You can pass grades back from Formative to Blackbaud's grade book, too!

To create a Blackbaud assignment that includes a formative:

Log in to the Formative website, create your formative, and assign it to the relevant class in Formative in the usual way.

Then, log in to Blackbaud, navigate to the appropriate course, and create an assignment. Set the "Learning Tool" to "Formative", and enter the URL of the formative (from the address bar or the join instructions) as the "Launch URL." The Launch URL should start with https://goformative.com/formatives/.

You must give the assignment a points value and check "Add to grade book" in order for students to be able to launch the formative within Blackbaud. Then click "Save."

When students log in to Blackbaud, they can click on the assignment and Formative will load directly in Blackbaud for them!


  • Formatives can only be added as "assignments" and not as "assessments" in Blackbaud.

  • Students must launch the formative through the Blackbaud assignment in order for grade passback to work. They cannot log in through the Formative website.

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