You can publish any of your formatives to your team, school, or district's private library as a Common Assessment. When a colleague grabs this from the library, they won't be able to edit or change the content in any way (they will only be able to assign it). That means that you can be sure every class is taking the same version of the assessment.

To mark your formative as a Common Assessment, simply slide the toggle when you publish to your private library:

Common Assessments will be labeled as such in your team / school / district's private library. You can also search just for Common Assessments by using the library filters:

Note: Anyone who grabs a Common Assessment from the private library is grabbing a LIVE copy. That means that if the original author changes or updates the Common Assessment, those changes will be reflected immediately on the screen of all users who have a copy - including students currently taking the Common Assessment.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Who can edit a Common Assessment?

    • The only people who can edit a Common Assessment is either the person who created it and shared to the private library, or an admin for your organization.

  • Who can update the publication?

    • The creator of a Common Assessment is the only one who can edit the publication to the private library.

  • What if I edit my Common Assessment?

    • If you edit your Common Assessment then those changes would reflect immediately. This would include students who have already been assigned the assessment.

  • What if an Admin edits my Common Assessment?

    • If an admin edits your Common Assessment then the changes will reflect immediately. This would mean anyone who has been assigned the Common Assessment will see those changes as well.

  • What if there is an error in the answer key but students have already taken the Common Assessment?

    • Whoever has access to update the Common Assessment can go in and update the answer key, which will in turn retroactively update students grades.

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