You can use the Audio option to record audio for your students to listen to within a formative. This is helpful for assessing listening skills, multi-sensory learning (having a reading passage read-aloud), accommodations (having questions read-aloud) and more!

  1. Click on the "+" icon

  2. Choose "Audio" from the Content types

  3. Click "Record Audio":

If you've created your Formative account just recently, you may see a different version on your screen, and to add an audio recording you will click the square icon on the left to add content, and choose from the column with the red icons :

You can also add content between other things on your formative. Simply click on the + icon (or the appropriate add icon) in between questions or content you've already created and select from the menu that appears:

Note: Each recording has a 10 minute limit, so you should have plenty of time to read questions, instructions, and passages, but plan ahead to make multiple recordings if needed.

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