You can add video as a stand-alone content item and attach questions. Our Premium and Partner users can attach questions at particular times in the video, or add a video directly into any question!

To add video as a content item:

  1. Click on the "+" icon

  2. Choose "Video" from the red icons under "Add Content"

  3. Copy and paste a video link from YouTube / Vimeo / Google Drive, upload from your device, or record a video or screencast right from Formative (2:00 limit).

  4. Click "Add Video":

To add time-stamped questions to video content (Premium and Partner users only)

You can now create questions attached to specific times in a video. Students will see the questions pop up when the video reaches the selected time. Students are still able to control the video by playing, pausing, adjusting the time, and moving the video forward or backward.

  1. Move the time scroll bar below the video to the desired time, then click "Add item at X:XX".

  2. Select question type

  3. Create your question as normal

  4. Repeat for as many questions you would like to attach to the video!

*Note: You can add more than one question at a particular timestamp by clicking the "Add item at X:XX" button again, clicking the "+" in the question area, or by duplicating a question.

For more information on video timestamps, click here.

To add video within a question (*Premium & Partner):

  1. Click on the "+" icon within the question

  2. Choose "video"

  3. Paste your YouTube, Vimeo or Google video link (**NEW** You can also record a new video by clicking on the "Record Video" button)

  4. Click "Add Video":

Record video and screencasts! (2 minute limit)

If you are a member of a Partner School, District, or Team, when you want to add a video to any question or content block, you just have to click the blue "+" icon (found in any rich text field). Then, click "Video."

You will have the option to record directly using your camera, upload from your device, or record and upload a screencast. Check out the animation below to see how it works. Supported file types for video uploads are mp4, mov, webm, 3gpp, 3gpp2, flv, wmv, and mpeg.

You can even leave students feedback with this feature! Just click the blue plus sign in the feedback chat box!

Students can record video submissions using the Free Response question-type!

  1. Click on the blue plus sign

  2. Select "Video"

  3. Students will be able to access all video options including recording a new/live video to respond to the question/command

  4. Click "Record video" and the red dot to start/end recording

  5. When finished, click "Add video" and the video will upload inside the text box

*Note: Record Video feature is not compatible with Safari on macOS

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