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AI Generated Text Passages (Beta Feature)
AI Generated Text Passages (Beta Feature)

Use our ChatGPT integraton to generate text passages!

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If you've opted in to testing our Beta features, you will have the ability to generate text passages with AI. This can be a great time saving tool when in need of quickly creating content summary for your students or content for the students to be tested on.

To generate a passage with AI:

  1. From within your formative click on the blue + button and choose "Auto-generate an item" from the list:

    You can also click directly on the "Auto-generate" tile on your formative's edit tab:

2. In the item generation modal click on the "Question or Passage type and choose "Text Passage" fron the dropdown

3. Continue to adjust the Grade and Subject fields

4. In the "Genre" field, choose your preferred genre from the dropdown
5. Define a minimum and/or maximum word count
6. Enter your prompt (Tips to maximize text quality are listed next to the fields)

7. Click "Generate" at the bottom right corner and our AI will start processing the request

8. Once ready, the AI generatd Text Passage will appear to the right of the criteria fields

9. Review the Text Passage and make any edits necessary before adding it to your formative. (Tip: Use the menu above the Text Passage to style the passage)

Forgot to edit something? Don't worry! You will be able to continue editing the Text Passage after you add it to the formative as well!

10. If the Text Passage generated does not meet your needs, click on "Regenerate" and our AI will generate a new one for you

11. Once you're ready, click "Add Item" to add it into your Formative, you will then be able to continue editing the passage if needed and enhance the Text Passage with questions on the right (currently, enhancing questions can not be generated with AI. If you'd like to use AI to generate the questions, please use the "Auto Generate" button below the text box . You could move them into the right-side panel of the text box after they are generated)

Pro Tip: If choosing "Auto Generate" to generate a question, you can copy/paste parts from the Text Passage itself into the prompt, and the question generated will be directly related to it!

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