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AI Generated Questions (Beta Feature)
AI Generated Questions (Beta Feature)

Use our ChatGPT integraton to generate questions on your formatives!

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If you've opted in to testing our Beta features, you will have the ability to generate questions with AI. This can be very helpful when creating assessments on the go, or when you might find yourself in need of inspiration for new questions you haven't used before.

AI compatible question types

The types of questions that can be generated with AI are:

  1. Short Answer

  2. Multiple Choice

  3. Multiple Selection

  4. True/False

  5. Categorize

  6. Matching

  7. Numeric

Generate questions with AI

  1. Within your formative click on the blue + button and choose "Generate Question" (if you've used this option before you may see it as a quick-tile option next to the blue + button as well)

  2. In the popup window select the following:

    1. The grade level(s) you want the question to apply to (required)

    2. The subject(s) you want the question to apply to (required)

    3. The question type you'd like to generate (only one can be chosen at a time)

  3. Proceed to enter your ChatGPT Prompt into the prompt field (you can use the "Auto-generate prompt" for some help on finding prompts as well). Use this field to tell the AI what you would like the question to be about.

  4. Once you are satisfied with your prompt, click on the blue "Generate" button on the bottom right corner of the window, and wait for the AI to finish "thinking"

  5. Four AI generated questions along with answer choices will appear on the right side panel of the window. From here you can either decline, edit, or accept the suggestion of the AI:

    1. If you are not satisfied with question you can click "Regenerate" and the AI will provide you with new options.

    2. If one of the suggested questions is in the right direction but not exactly what you were looking for you can click on the option to generate questions that will be similar to it, easier or harder.

    3. You also have the ability to adjust the AI generated question by adding additional answer options (simply click "Add an answer choice", choose if you'd like it to be a correct or incorrect option, and proceed to enter the details).

    4. If some of the suggested questions are acceptable but some are not, you can also un-check the questions you would like to exclude and keep the ones you'd like to add to your formative check-marked

  6. Once you are satisfied with the question(s), click the "Add" button and the question(s) that are check-marked, along with the answer choices, will be added to your formative

Don't forget to adjust any details or assign setting to your liking!

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