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AI Generated Formatives (Beta Feature)
AI Generated Formatives (Beta Feature)

Use our ChatGPT integraton to generate full formatives!

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If you've opted in to testing our Beta features, you will have the ability to generate formatives with AI. This can be very helpful when creating assessments on the go, or when you might find yourself in need of inspiration for new content and questions you haven't used before.

To generate a full formative, navigate either to your Home page or to your Formatives page and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate either to your Home page or to your Formatives page

  2. Click on the "Add +" button at the top right corner of your screen

  3. Choose "New AI Generated Foramtive" from the dropdown list

  4. In the generation criteria form, begin by choosing the type of content you want to generate: Lesson or Quiz.
    A Lesson will include multiple sections, each accompanied by both text passages and follow up questions, while Trivia will include only questions.

  5. Proceed to define the grade level, and enter a prompt to the AI

  6. Click on "Additional Settings" to define the level of difficulty, the length and the type of questions you want our AI to generate
    (Note: currently the question types supported are Short Answer, Multiple Choice and Multiple Selection only)

  7. Click "Generate Formative" at the bottom of the window, and give our AI the time it needs to generate your formative.
    You can even watch as the AI builds your formative from a student view by clicking "View Formative" on the next window:

  8. Once your formative has been generated, review and edit it to your liking. You can remove/add questions and content items, edit questions and answer keys, and even edit the text passages generated.

    Edit the introduction field to remove the "Formative Generation Completed" notification:

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