Another great tool for creating cloze tasks, the Drag and Drop question prompts students to insert the correct answer by choosing one out of several possible answers, and dragging it to one of several possible positions within the text.

To add a Drag and Drop question:

  1. Click on the "+" icon

  2. Choose "Drag and Drop" from the blue icons

Step 1: Create text with drop areas:

  1. Enter your text into the question bar

  2. Click "Add drop area" to create a designated space for your students to populate with an answer. The drop area will read "Drag answer here"

  3. Place your cursor back on the text bar to continue typing

  4. To delete a drop area, click the trashcan symbol

Step 2: Add choices for students:

  1. Type each choice separately into the "type a choice to add to choices" bar, and click Enter/Return.

  2. To remove a choice, click the X symbol attached to it.

Step 3: Define an answer key for auto-grading

  1. Drag and drop each choice into its' correct drop area

  2. To un-assign a choice from a drop area, click the X symbol in it

  3. Switch on "Allow Partial Credit" to take auto-grading up a notch by allowing your students to get credit for answering part of the question correct.

Did you know?

Hot Text questions are a standard STAAR question type used by the state of Texas.

Would you like to create other types of cloze questions? check out Fill In The Blank question and In Line Choice question !

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